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Songs for Our Temple (Week 49: Ps. 138-140)

Pastor Tim takes us through Ps. 138-140, which guide us to think about how God knows us and is faithful and merciful to us wherever we may be in life.

Joy (December 4, 2022)

What does true joy look like? It isn’t necessarily what we imagine.

Blue Christmas

A Service of Hope in Grief

As we approach the Christmas season, we often feel weighed down by losses, hurts and disappointments that seem to conflict with all the celebrations around us. Blue Christmas is meant to help us bring these things before our God, who understands. Christmas, after all, is about Him coming into the world to restore the things that are broken — including us.

This service will be both in-person and live streamed at 7 pm on December 2. Please join us in-person if you can; if you cannot, you can find the service on your favorite streaming service below. For those watching online, consider having a candle available to light at a time you will be prompted to do so later in the service.

Who Is the One Born on Christmas? (November 28, 2022)

We know the what… Jesus is born. But, do we know the “who”?

Songs for Our Temple (Week 48: Ps. 135-137)

Pastor takes us through Ps. 135-137 and thinks about how they fit into the time of preparation we call “Advent.”

Hope (November 27, 2022)

Do we have hope? Do we have our hope in the right thing?

Really Now: Is This Going Anywhere? (November 21, 2022)

Is the future just more of the same or does God have bigger plans for us and the world?

We Need a Pardon (November 20, 2022)

Do we understand just how much forgiveness we need? Do we understand truly the only place we can find it?

Songs for Our Temple (Week 47: Ps. 132-134)

Jim takes us through Ps. 132-134 and helps us to think about how they call us to further trust and faithfulness in our God in all situations.

Christmas at Little Hills

Come Celebrate with Us

God is with us — that’s what we celebrate at Christmastime! As we enter into this season, we are going to take time to look at how His Spirit led men and women that first Christmas, and leads us now, that we can rejoice in His love.

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